Appreciating Pencils

This week I realized that we, as a society, don’t appreciate pencils enough and that we also aren’t very good at hiking. Not literally, but also sort of literally. We have gotten a bit too blasé about many of the incredible things that human ingenuity has made possible over an extremely short time span. I’mContinue reading “Appreciating Pencils”

The Monk’s Riches

// There is a wandering monk making his way through the forest who comes across a farmer. The farmer tells the monk that he had a vision the night before that he would run into a monk carrying the biggest diamond in the world and that the monk would give it to him. The monkContinue reading “The Monk’s Riches”

Standing on Your Desk

I watched Dead Poets Society this past week, which had been burning a hole in my movie list for quite some time. I thought it was great. It touched on a few really important themes that I’ve found myself coming back to a lot these last few days. There was one scene in particular that I can’t seem toContinue reading “Standing on Your Desk”

Washing The Dishes

I’ve been thinking a lot about agency over the past year or so. During my 13-month, pandemic-induced (but thoroughly-enjoyed) return to my childhood home in Arizona, I was forced to reckon with a lot of things. While I’ll spare you the details of the other discoveries I made about the life I was living, I’dContinue reading “Washing The Dishes”

Getting Rich Slowly

I love traveling and temporarily immersing myself in different cultures and geographies. My habits usually suffer when I do so, but I’m realizing that they shouldn’t. This last trip I went on, in particular, made me acutely aware of my tendency to make excuses. Life is a constant battle, riddled with choices. Day by day,Continue reading “Getting Rich Slowly”

Time Billionaires

This past week I read a letter that investor Anthony Pompliano wrote to his investors called Focusing on What is Most Important. In the letter, he tells investors that he will be winding down his fund in order to give himself more time to spend on the “things” that really matter to him. As a focalContinue reading “Time Billionaires”

2021 Year in Review

Sitting here writing this, I honestly can’t believe the year is over. This was, hands down, the fastest any year has ever gone by for me. They say time flies when you’re having fun, which must mean this was the most fun year I’ve ever had. I couldn’t tell you exactly why this year wasContinue reading “2021 Year in Review”

Eating Peanut Butter

I turned twenty-four today.  Sure, it’s the second to last time the first digit of my age raised to the power of itself will equal the second (2^2 = 4; catch me again at 39), but I’m not here to talk about math. I’m here to talk about peanut butter–the metaphorical kind (although I’m alsoContinue reading “Eating Peanut Butter”

Flying Airplanes

The other day I read somewhere that a 1 degree adjustment in an airplane’s trajectory will cause it to stray 1 mile off course for every 60 miles travelled. That 1 degree adjustment will land us in a slightly different neighborhood on a flight from Phoenix to LA, but an entirely different city on aContinue reading “Flying Airplanes”


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